Tweed on the Hattersley loom

 A buttoned wrap made from some of my Tweed - This style is available from the Anna Macneil website.

Hebridean Celebration tartan at Tolsta Bay on the Isle of Lewis.




Tweed Weaving

I have a foot-powered Hattersley loom which is about 80 years old which I use for weaving tweed. The loom has four shafts and a flying shuttle mechanism and makes tweed approximately 75cm wide.

I tend to use a mixture of colours in my warps to produce subtle, randomly striped tweeds with interesting fringes that can be utilised in my garments and wallhangings.

I am weaving with woolen spun yarn that is the same as that used in the production of Harris Tweed.   The wool fibres are dyed and blended before being carded and spun giving a very lively yarn that has lots of colour variation.

I have recently designed a new tartan - Hebridean Celebration.   Weaving tartan involves a bit more skill and experience than I have so far acquired so I have had the tartan woven for me.

In addition to the tweed weaving I also do small-scale weaving for trimmings for my ecclesiastical work and some of my wallhangings and these may be produced using a variety of techniques such as a mini peg loom, tablet weaving, an inkle loom and a small table-top 8-shaft loom.

I have a cord-making machine which I use for producing cords of varying thicknesses and I also use a marudai to produce Kumihimo style braids.

I dabble in other kinds of weaving as time and circumstance allows and I am a member of the Highland Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. I also spin and dye from time to time. ~ T : 01463 831 567 ~ M : 0777 177 4172

Morag style hat - available on the Anna Macneil website.Morag hat